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Personally, summer is my favorite time of year. I get through the 6 month-long winters in Cache Valley by dreaming about summer. I thought maybe it’d be helpful to make a list of some of our favorite things to do in the summer so you can enjoy some fun in the sun (with and without the kids)!

Load up the car, pack a lunch and go on a drive up the canyon. Find a quiet spot and have a picnic near the river, or by a scenic overlook.

Take your kids on a walk to the nearest snow cone shack or ice cream store.

Go swimming at the lake, or nearest river.

Have a water ballon fight.

Play capture the flag.

Have a camp out in the backyard.

Go up the canyon and have dinner over the fire — roast some of hot dogs or make a meal together in a dutch oven.

Take some hammocks to the park for a relaxing afternoon. 

Go on a night hike.

Go ice blocking at the park (make sure the park doesn’t have any signs against ice blocking. Some do! 😫)

Plant a garden in early summer. Give your kids responsibilities in the garden. They will be amazed as they watch the garden grow and realize they were a part of the growth!

Visit a museum or nature center near by. 

Teach your kids how to fish. 

Play cards outside on a cool summer’s night. 

Check the programs your local library has planned for children. Usually, there is a reading program or crafts scheduled at your local library. 

Find a summer camp your kids can participate in. Check the near by high schools for sports camps. You could also ask around to see if any local churches sponsor summer camps. This will give you a break from the kids for a few hours a week. It will also give your kids the opportunity to meet new friends and social with other kids. 

Plan play dates with neighbors and classmate. 

When it’s too hot to be outside, go to the movies. See if your local movie theatre does any type of summer movie programs. 

Give your kids a budget and take them to a craft store. Let them plan a craft they can do that will fit within their budget! This will teach them to plan, budget, and will keep them busy for at LEAST a couple hours. 

Plan day trips to nearby attractions. Let your kids help make plans. They will be more excited and invested in the trips if they helped plan them!

Make homemade ice cream. 

When I was a kid, my mom used to put the hose underneath the trampoline and put a tiny bit of dish soap on the tramp so it got a little slippery. We would have so much fun sliding around on the trampoline, while cooling off with the cool hose water. (If you do this, make sure the trampoline doesn’t get too slippery as they could get very dangerous. This is definitely an activity that require adult supervision.) 

Go on a family bike ride. 

Go to the zoo. (Before you go, look on the zoo’s website to see if they have Activites planned for the kids on specific days. You can also check to see if they allow you to bring food and drinks into the park. The zoo I grew up near, had a bike path. We had so much fun taking our bikes to the zoo and cruising around to the different exhibits.)

Go to the waterpark.

Play waterslide kickball. This was probably my favorite activity as a kid. It’s a game of kickball with little blowup pools as the bases, and slip-n-slides in-between the bases. Prepare yourself to get REALLY dirty, but also to have a lot of fun. (Also, do not get the hard plastic pools for the bases… your body will get destroyed sliding into those.) You are also going to need a lot of water for this activity. 

Set up a slip-n-slide in your backyard. If you want to make huge slip-n-slide, use painters plastic as the slide. 

Find a local charity or organization you can volunteer at. Get your kids involved in volunteering too! This could provide good job experience for them before they actually get a job. It would be a great opportunity for them to look into a field they are interested in. 

Go canoeing or kayaking.

Pick a bouquet of wild flowers for your neighbor or friend. 

Plan a trip to visit relatives. 


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