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"Dream Big Little One"

I am very excited to announce something near and dear to my heart. I have always wanted to give back anytime we can. We are creating "For A Cause" line. What this means is, that on occasion we will find an organization or a person who is in need of financial help, or donations. They will design a blanket, and every time this blanket is purchased, ALL the proceeds will go to this family or charity.

Our first ever For A Cause blanket is featuring the White Family. I went to high school with Kim. I never really knew her personally but from what I did know about her, is that she was always kind, always had a smile on her face, was friends with everyone and was a kick A soccer player. I had the privilege of going down and meeting Kim in person, and if it was possible, Ieft her home loving her even more. A little more about Kim: (taken from her gofundme account page page found here)

A mother, wife and daughter was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer ACC (adrenocortical carcinoma) in March of 2014. She has been fighting (kicking ) the disease for 3+ years and is literally a walking miracle. Her desire and drive to fight to see the good is jaw dropping and inspiring, given the circumstances her life has taken her in the past 3 years. 

She just underwent her 15th major surgery, which she nicknamed the "Hail Mary" surgery because of the intensity and risk involved in the 10+ hours she was in the OR. She is currently recovering and is facing a pretty brutal recovery. Once again, showing us that she is a fighter and stronger than we ever thought possible. 

On top of everything she is fighting; cancer, the surgery, the hopsital stay and everything involved in this life changing event, her insurance doesnt cover any of it. 

As a former Division I collegiate soccer player, Kim is used to tough challenges, the past 3 years have shown us that. Our hope is that now that she is facing this new challenge of recovery, with hopes of getting back to the healthy Kim this surgery has promised, we can lighten the financial burden and allow her to focus on the things  that are most important, her health and her family. 

We have teamed up with Kim to bring you our "Dream Big Little One" swaddle. All the proceeds of every purchase will go directly to Kim and her Family!

I was so honored to go down and meet Kim in person, take some pictures of her and give her the very first blanket. Please, purchase our blanket, tag us and use #idoitforkim to help spread the word. 
Purchase our "Dream Big Little One" swaddle here.
Thanks for stopping by! If you also would like to donate money to Kim and her family, click here for her go fund me account!
Thanks for stopping by!


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