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Brickyard Buffalo reached out to us a few weeks ago about being a Guest Editor on their website. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Brickyard Buffalo, it’s an online pop-up market that features individual companies and their new products. The products and companies on Brickyard Buffalo are constantly changing and so are their deals. Trust me when I say, you can find a lot of really cute new products on BYB and they’re always on sale.


We were happy to be apart of such a cool program. As a small business, we love supporting other small business and that’s what this is all about! Here are some of our favorite shops

Brickyard Buffalo Harper House Dress- So many things to love about this dress! The fabric is really soft, stretchy and just plain comfy. Plus, POCKETS. All good dresses have pockets! This is such a mom friendly dress for all sorts of reasons. My pregnant Mama’s would love this dress because it’s not very form fitting but will still show off that cute bump. For my nursing Mama’s there, the buttons down top would make nursing our little on a dream! So much comfort with this harper dress. If you’re not pregnant/nursing this dress would pair great with some booties or sandals. This dress is great for any stage.

Little Sleepies- Little Sleepies has the world’s cutest pajamas. I LOVE their patterns. So much cute. The hand and foot cuffs are amazing. I love that you can cover your babes hand/feet based on the stage of life/temperature/personality, making it a romper or footie. The fabric is super soft and stretchy. What more could you want from a pair of pajamas…. Can they make adult sizes, now please?

Little Sapling Toys- One thing that’s really cool about Little Sappling Toys is that since they are made entirely of wood, no one toy will be the identical to another. The grains of the wood are what make them so magical to me. I love the idea of using wood instead of plastic. For each toy sold, LST plants one tree, which is pretty amazing! My favorite products from LST are their wood rattles and blocks. I love tracking growth so their age blocks are such a fun spin on that idea!

Freshly Picked- I love Moccasins, especially tiny baby moccasins. They are all leather and just plain cute. I love the variety in size and styles that Freshly Picked offers. When your baby outgrows these cute shoes they would be such a great keepsake that would last forever. Love, love, love!

Brave Little Ones is another really cool company that donates a portion of their proceeds to a cause they believe in. Each purchase form Brave Little Ones helps feed children in Africa. I love that! They truely aim to make a difference in this big ol’ world with meaningful tee-shirts and donations to help children in Africa.

All of the companies and products above have joined us for sale on a BYB. Check it out here.


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