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Hello friends!

As most of you know we launched our new limited edition collection line, featuring our design winner, Kami Stone's, blanket from the design contest we had back in August. The new line had let to a few questions about the differences in materials, sizing, etc. so I thought I'd clear that up here! 

Everything you've known up until know will be known as our "Signature Collection". It's how we got started and something we will always continue to make! The signature collection can not be made on any of the next sizes/fabrics that you will see in the limited edition collection.

The NEW Limited Edition Collection is meant to give you lots more choices, and because of that this collection will be made to order make our shipping times 5-7 business days. That being said, we plan to have each style available for one month only. We want to release new styles every week so that there is a constant rotation of styles. The sizing and pricing is as follows:

Polyester: 60"x51" for $33, 80"x68" for $46, and 104"x88" for $63

Fleece: 40"x30" for $37, 60"x50" for $52, and 80"x60" for $62

We've been really excited about this and can't wait to hear feedback from you guys! Follow us on instagram to see more pictures of the new limited editions! 






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