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  • Tips & Tricks for Decorating Milestone Blankets

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    I thought it might be helpful to compile some of my favorite posts in a quick list of ticks and trick for decorating your milestone blankets. Hope this helps!

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  • One Wish Cache Valley-Donating to a good cause

    1 comment / Posted by Chelsie Sanders

    On Easter, we decided we wanted to give back, and be more like Jesus. We care so much about others, and we decided we would donate all proceeds of orders that were made that day to an organization called One Wish Cache Valley.
    "One Wish is a non-profit organization, serving the Cache Valley area, founded in 2011 to help grant a wish to people 18 and older facing a life threatening illness.  We are hoping to make these wishes possible through the generosity and support of our community.  We have a wonderful and energetic group of people who have helped us get started, but the talents and resources in the Cache Valley Area are what we need to sustain this Foundation.  One Wish is dedicated to making a wish come true for someone struggling with the challenges that come to them and their families as they near the end of a life-threatening illness.  It is our hope to ease that burden for them and add some comfort and peace to their lives."
    They are an incredible organization, and my hope is with these donations another person can have their last wish come true.
    We were able to donate $730, which is incredible!
    Yes I made an incredibly cheesy large check to take a picture of, but I am so excited to donate toward such a great cause. Thank you to all who ordered on that day. We hope to do this again in the very near future.

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