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  • Collaboration with Eunice Sun from Electric Eunice

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    Eunice Sun is the watercolor and lettering artist behind Electric Eunice. We are so excited to collaborate with her in creating the perfect milestone blanket and fleece swaddle blanket!

    Along with illustrating and creating custom designs, she teaches watercolor illustration and lettering workshops and will have a watercolor instructional book available in Spring 2020 (stay tuned!). With her background in business, marketing, and social media, she strives to merge her love and talent for art by providing an excellent experience for her clients, students, and audience. She is known for her loud laugh, love for painting house plants, and being every girl's BFF. You can find more about her at electriceunice.com and her everyday shenanigans on IG @electriceunice. She is based in Orange County, California with her husband, senior citizen corgi mix and is expecting a human baby addition to their family very soon.

    Matching swaddle

    We are so excited for this collaboration and launching her beautiful Tropical Milestone blanket design! Check out the listing here!


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