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This is us! What does that mean to you? Our life is crazy already! We have 3 boys, ages 7, 5, 3! They are crazy, our life is crazy, but man are they fun!! Kids are a joy, but also a pain in the butt sometimes, aren't they though? Ha Ha

We haven't found out what the gender of this baby is yet, but there are so many gender neutral baby items out there I wanted to keep a list of. Here are some of my favorite baby shops and items!

1. Dockatot

Dockatot is an amazing baby lounger, perfect for infants and even up to toddlers. We have one of these and they are the best co-sleeping loungers to have! I love that they have gender neutral prints as well as boy/girl prints. They also have fun covers to go on them!

2. Mebie Baby

Mebie Baby has the cutest baby outfits! They have a wide range of items to choose from and most are gender neutral. Rompers, sleepers, onsies, blankets and crib sheets. I love all their neutral, earthy tones.

3. Design Dua

Design Dua has the cutest Moses baby baskets, and whats even better, is our Dockatot can fit right inside! It's a stylish, modern new baby bassinet and we are just in love! So many beautiful natural designs to choose from, and very reasonably priced. Their weaving process is done completely by hand!

4. Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Wrap sling

Solly Baby is by far my favorite baby sling. Firstly, they have so many great colors and patters to choose from, but they fit sooo perfectly! I prefer wraps over ring slings, they are, in my opinion, more comfortable to wear and the baby seems to be more comfortable in it. They are very reasonably priced as well!

5. Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl is hands down my favorite swaddle (and all other) baby items shop! They have such a wide variety of items and prints that you can get it all!! So many gender neutral prints, and so many fun gender specific prints! They are stretchy and buttery soft! They have been my favorite swaddle and hold up very well!


Since I don't know what I'm having yet, these are by far my favorite shops right now! I can still shop without knowing what it is, and still get great quality items! I will do another blog post when I know the gender of some of my more specific shops for specific genders later! Cross your fingers for me I will have a girl! But I will love another boy to add to our family as well!



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