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(Written by Pebbles Weitekamp Owner of Little Teether)


Let's talk about Baby Shower gifts! It can be stressful thinking of the perfect gift. I'll be honest -- I always appreciated most when people gifted me something off of my registry. My husband and I intentionally chose the things we knew we needed or wanted for baby! However, nothing blessed me more than the unique, thoughtful, creative gifts from friends who knew what was trending and who knew my personality! The cutest things on the market are typically not sold at the big stores that most people use for registries. This makes online shopping really fun, and you're going to love the shops and products I'm sharing with you today!

My recommendation for a Baby Shower gift is to choose something off the registry that the mom or couple created, if they have one, and then also choose something unique and not-so-typical! I've compiled a list of my Top 10 recommendations for unique Baby Shower Gifts.


Tip: Always wrap the gift in cellophane, tie with a cute ribbon, and attach a Little Teether teething toy to the ribbon! Presentation is 90% of the gift, in my mind!


1. One of the most popular and trending gifts right now is the Batzkids Milestone blankets, crib sheets, pillows... Everyone at the baby shower will be impressed by this gift! And it's such a fun way to document baby's fun milestones! It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

2. I'm sure you've discovered the world of Etsy, but let me tell you about one of our favorite shops! Bebe Nourri has the CUTEST custom onesies and t-shirts. These gifts are always loved because they are so thoughtful and absolutely no one else will be showing up with an identical gift.


3. Have you heard of Nurselet? Your friend may or may not decide to nurse/pump. This gift would be ideal for someone who knows they want to breast feed. This Nursing Bracelet is designed to hold up your shirt while you nurse or pump - this elevates back pain and also the hassle of your shirt constantly falling down. When you're not nursing, the bracelet can be worn around your wrist to remind you which side you need to nurse on next! Pregnancy brain does not end once the baby is born - I know from experience! This is such a meaningful gift for a mom who has committed to the breastfeeding journey!


4. Bear and Bunny is one of our other favorite Etsy shops. You will quickly become obsessed with the leggings and shorties on this website because they grow with your baby - more bang for your buck! The one pair of clothing you won't have to pack up after 3 weeks of them wearing it. Isn't it cruel how quickly kids grow? While you're ordering a few pairs for the baby shower gift, you may as well grab some for your own kiddos!


5. The reason I love Candy Couture Shop so much is because they have ALL types of gifts. From jewelry to pool floats to coffee mugs, everything is adorable. The reason I recommended them for Baby Shower gifts is because you will find something super meaningful for mom. When was the last time you were at a Baby Shower and the mom got a gift? A really popular item right now is Monogrammed Necklaces. A simple necklace with the first letter of the future baby's name. If this doesn't bring an emotional pregnant woman to tears, I don't know what will.



6. Okay so maybe we're obsessed with clothing, but Wire and Honey is the neatest company. They create hip, urban apparel that represents all things inspiring. We stand behind this company and want their message to spread throughout the world, one Baby Shower at a time.


7. I should actually warn you about this next site, Stitches By Natalie. You are going to melt when you see their products and you will want EVERYTHING. I have never found a more unique and thoughtful gift before. They have so many memory and keepsake animals and products that are made from significant items of yours or your children. They embroider adorable animals with birth information or anything you want. This is a gift that will be kept FOREVER.


9. For whatever reason, I feel like a lot of gifts contain clothing at baby showers, but there aren't always a ton of gifts that contain cute baby shoes. I loved when I got shoes because, for one, those itty bitty shoes are just adorable. For two, they're so expensive and baby's feet grow so fast that its a pain to have to buy them all yourselves. Everyone will love a baby shower gift that has baby shoes in it, and Mon Petit has some of our very favorites, for both genders.


10. Last but not least, every gift MUST have one of our Little Teether teething products. Mom's all love the teething necklaces because they are so stylist and functional. And the teething toys are the perfect gift used to wrap a present. The teething toys are such fun colors and designs that they are the sweetest addition to any gift. All babies go through the LONG teething phase, so you'll be the new best friend if you get mom and/or dad stocked up on these products. Babies start showing symptoms of teething as early as 3 to 4 months, sometimes earlier.


I hope this was helpful! Remember that you will be appreciated just for showing up to the shower, with or without a gift. But we hoped to compile a list of some fun shops that maybe you hadn't heard of before, to create a sweet and thoughtful gift. No matter how small or inexpensive the gift is, wrap it up with cellophane and all eyes will be on you as you walk into the party!


Written by Pebbles Weitekamp Owner of Little Teether


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