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All the latest shop updates will be posted and updated here

As of now our shop is still OPEN and ALL items are still available.

We are in Utah, and as of now they haven’t shut down our print shop yet. If they do, our limited editions will be put on hold and only our other items will be available. Soooo that being said, they could shut down our print shop any day. So if you are wanting any of our limited edition blankets, it’s best to get them in as soon as possible, because we don’t know if and when they would let us reopen.

If you place an order on a limited edition blanket today, and they close our print shop tomorrow, we will follow up individually on what you would like to do about your order. All orders would be placed on hold, and would print when they re-open, or we can refund. BUT we will hit that road when we come to it.

All our other items will still be available to ship, since they are already made and not made to order. So below are some items that would still be available for purchase that will continue to ship, even during the shut down.

Thank you for your understanding, I hope you all well and health during this time.