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  • I, Chelsie, will be taking your baby's/babies photos at the hospital. You are agreeing to allow me into your hospital room and take photos of your baby/babies.
  • As payment, you will receive the photos I have taken, by email. I am taking photos with my products, I will also take extras of your special little one for you to keep. That is the payment you will receive for allowing me to come and take pictures. I will edit them as soon as possible and get them back to you in a timely manner, but please know sometimes it may take a couple weeks.
  • I may sometimes bring an additional person with me to help with the staging.
  • You must still be in the hospital to have pictures taken, no at home shots or any other places will be acceptable for this photoshoot.
  • You are giving me full rights to market and use the photos I take for all marketing and advertising as I see fit and allow me to post your baby on all platforms.